Bronze Fast Fire, 100 gr

AT 816


With FASTfire BRONZclay, you can fire your pieces in 2 hours or less (depending on the thickness of your piece, the size of your firing pan, and the type of kiln).


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FASTfire™ BRONZclay provides an incredible artistic range. And, because it is bronze, it is also so economical that you can use it for large pieces--even sculptures--very affordably! It can be pinched, rolled, sculpted, cut or manipulated any way you like. Then fire it, and the binder burns away, leaving a solid, pure bronze object. Create jewelry, jewelry components, or custom-crafted specialized tools.

FASTfire BRONZclay™ must be embedded in coconut shell–activated carbon inside a firing pan with a slotted lid during firing. Carbon, firing pan and lid are sold separately. Because kilns vary, try a test piece in your kiln according to the enclosed instructions.
IMPORTANT: We do not recommend firing loose gemstones directly in FASTfire clay as the stones tend to be damaged during firing.


To reduce oxidation, piece(s) must be surrounded by coconut shell–based activated carbon during firing.

1. Spread 1" of activated carbon granules on the bottom of a shallow stainless steel firing container; you can stack pans on top of one another to fire more pieces at once.
Note: Most kilns are cooler in the front, near the door, so the front of your firing container will be cooler than the other sides. Compensate for this possibility by placing the pieces closer to the sides and back of the firing container. If you have a top-loading kiln, there’s no need to adjust.

2. Place the piece on top of the layer; if firing two or more pieces, leave at least ½ " between pieces, more if the pieces are large.

3. Pour more activated carbon granules on top of the pieces until the container is full, making sure there is a ½ " layer of granules on top of each piece. If you are firing many
pieces in layers, make sure there is at least ½ " of space between the vertical layers as well.

4. Put a slotted stainless steel lid on the firing container (or offset your solid lid to create a gap); make sure to leave at least ½ " of space between the carbon layer and the top edge of the firing pan and set it in the kiln on stilts to allow good heat circulation.

5. Ramp at 1525°F (829°C) per hour. Hold at 1525°F (829°C) for one hour (total firing time is less than 2 hours).

Please Note:
These are the actual internal temperatures, not the temperature readings displayed on the front of the kiln.

After firing, a residue will be left on the fired pieces. This residue is easy to remove with running water and must be washed off prior to finishing.

Once fired, the FASTfire BRONZclay™ piece is solid metal. As with other metals, it can be sawn, drilled, sanded, patinaed or soldered using traditional jewelry tools and materials.

Keep in mind that many finishing techniques will be easier to perform at the dried, pre-fired stage. Repairs can be made after firing by adding fresh clay and re-firing.

The binder in FASTfire BRONZclay™ is non-toxic, and no toxic fumes will be present during firing. Though rare, it is possible for some individuals to experience a sensitivity to FASTfire BRONZclay. We recommend wearing a dust mask while working with activated carbon.

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Bronze Fast Fire, 100 gr

Bronze Fast Fire, 100 gr

With FASTfire BRONZclay, you can fire your pieces in 2 hours or less (depending on the thickness of your piece, the size of your firing pan, and the type of kiln).