MetalMagic Silver clay .999-100gr

MC 003


Each 100g pack contains 100g of fine silver .999. (3.53 oz)

Total weight with binder is 125g (4.41 oz)


CAD$201.43 per 1

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This new clay gives, after firing, pieces of pure silver .999. It can be manipulated during longer periods and you will be surprised how every detail shows up. The rate of shrinkage is approximately 25 % and you will pleasantly surprised by the high-definition of your low relief stamp or mold.

It cannot be fired with a torch, it must be fired in a kiln.

Metal Magic is a silver clay, made of microscopic silver particles with water and a non-toxic organic binder which allows the clay to be easily worked. Pieces can be shaped with simple tools, dried and fired in a kiln. The drying allows the evaporation of the water and the kiln firing eliminates the binders, leaving only the sintered metal of pure silver.

Several tools can be used to work the clay Metal Magic: stamps, cutters, children's toys, feathers, playing card, toothpick, comb which we all have at home. A none porous working surface must be used as  plastic, glass or ceramic. This clay will not damage or stain  your tools. Simply clean with water and soap. Avoid using tools or accessories made of aluminum because these can make the silver react.

Using the Silhouette with this silver clay will allow you to create personalized settings, precise and ornamental cuts as well as exceptional and unique etchings reflecting your personal touch.

The Metal Magic is ready for use directly out of the package. Keep the unused clay in a plastic wrap in a small air-tight container. To prevent the clay from sticking to stick to your hands or your tools, coat them with a thin layer of olive oil. Avoid working in a place where there are drafts or lighting which releases heat because the clay will quickly dry.

The clay can be cut, textured, piled and formed into as many combinations as your imagination will allow you. Use some water and slip sparingly, to seal joints and smooth your surfaces. Most artists work their clay while it is soft and pliable, but some choose to work it when it is dry but before firing. If you are in a hurry or are lacking patience, you can accelerate the process by drying with a hairdryer, a cup warmer, a food dehydrator or a toaster oven set at under 175 degrees F (79.5C ) for approximately  20 minutes.

Once dried, the clay can be sanded, filed or sculpted. It is important that the clay is thoroughly dried before firing. To check if it is completely dry, place your piece on a mirror or a flexible knife  for about ten seconds. Dry clay will leave no visible trace of dampness.

The clay shrinks during two phases. First, as it dries, with the evaporation of  water and secondly in the firing phase as the organic binders burn off.

When finished, add a few drops of water to your leftover clay and wrap it up well to keep it from drying up.

Collect the dried leftovers and the sanding dust as you can use it in the preparation of the slip. The slip is made by reducing to a fine powder all the collected pieces and adding some water until it reaches the right consistency.


1. Make sure your pieces are completely dried,

2. Place in the kiln for 90 minutes in 1550F / 843C


During the firing, the organic binders burn off and the metal particles  sinter which gives you a pure silver .999 piece. . The piece, in its solid silver state can be brushed, cut, sawed, soldered, drilled and decorated with resins or  enamels. Several tools or conventional devices can be used to obtain some mirror  or satin finish.

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MetalMagic Silver clay .999-100gr

MetalMagic Silver clay .999-100gr

Each 100g pack contains 100g of fine silver .999. (3.53 oz)

Total weight with binder is 125g (4.41 oz)